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42301 TRF419X Chassis Kit

Tamiya TRF419X Chassis Kit. Rakennussarja; Kori, renkaat ja sähkölaitteet ostettava erikseen.

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Tamiya TRF419X Chassis Kit

Newly Designed Parts
– Super Short Oil Dampers
– Aluminum Front Suspension Mount

Re-Designed Parts
– Suspension Arms
– Duralumin Front/Rear Bulkheads
– Motor Mount
– Servo Mount
– Rear Uprights
– Damper Stays
– Battery Holders

About the Model
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
• A range of updates to part designs, attachment positions and material contribute to an evolved package, with particular emphasis upon a lower center of gravity.
• Carbon fiber double deck utilizes 2.15mm thickness lower deck (0.1mm thinner) for further improvements in chassis flex.
• New super short oil dampers ensure better steering bite and response.
• The front uses a new 05G suspension mount (0.5mm lower than previously available 1XD-F mounts) for a lower roll center, boosting cornering stability.
• Suspension arms are molded in a special new material and have a modified design to adjust damper attachment angle (front: inwards, rear: outwards).
• Rear uprights have a new design.
• Front and center ballast weights included for those using this chassis in official races.
• TRF sticker sheet included.

12342301 TRF419X Chassis Kit
 23142301 TRF419X Chassis Kit

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