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XRAY T4 - 2014 SPECS

Uusi XRAY T4 - 2014 SPECS. Pakettiin kuuluu pelkkä runko, vanteet, renkaat, kori ja sähköt ostettava erikseen.
Auton toimitusaika noin 1 viikko.

At the core of every XRAY car is our passion for high performance racing cars, dedication for absolute perfectionism, smart design approach and heritage of our extensive experiences and achievements. Creating an all-new platform meant a complete re-engineering and redesigning majority of parts on the car. Following thousands hours of track-testing with the factory team around the world and thousands of hours in R&D and prototyping have resulted into an outstanding racing car, a masterpiece manufactured and machined in-house in Europe, with the extreme precision you would expect from XRAY.

2014 All-new Specs:

• All-new chassis design
• All-new top deck design
• All-new suspension holders
• All-new suspension bushings
• All-new arm design
• All-new smart SFATM (Suspension Flex Adjustment™)
• All-new motor mount
• All-new layshaft bulkheads
• All-new alu steering plate
• All-new shock spring harnesses
• Improved traction
• Improved steering characteristics

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Hinta: 439.00 € 464.90 €
Valm. koodi: 300020
Tuotekoodi: 110028


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