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Savöx SC-0254MG 7.2kg/0.14 Digital Servo

Savöx SC-0254 on 7.2kg vääntävä servo metallirattailla + tupla kuulalaakereilla. Nopeus 0.14 sek, paino 49g.

Standard Size digital servo - High Cost/Performance Rate

  • Precise-made metal and plastic gears forms as the solid and strong framework of  our servos.
  • Production and quality control of plastic component in our servos follow the standard of branded digital camera.
  • Totally Green – from material to production, our servos are environmentally friendly.
  • Idea for wheel steering on a Crawler, 1/8th Scale Buggy and 50 size airplane.

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Hinta: 34.90 €
Valm. koodi: SC-0254MG
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