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Savöx SC-1257TG 10kg/0.07 Digital Servo

Savöx 1257TG on Titaani/alumiinirattainen 10kg vääntävä servo alumiinikuorella. Nopeus 0.07 sek, paino 52,4g.

Standard Size Coreless Digital Servo - Leading edge technology with super high "12 bits (4096) resolution" and "Titanium Gears".

  • Extremely fast with 0.07 sec/60°speed at its size
  • Extraordinarily light in weight, 20% lighter than its kind in the field
  • The Coreless motor inside has brought the output performance to the top level - smoother, faster and more efficient
  • The metallic case design not only exudes an exquisite style but helps the operating to stay cool and smooth.
  • Super strong and precise-made Titanium metal gear form as the solid framework of our servo. Our design will make “Crumbled Gear” history.
  • Totally Green – from material to production, our servos are environmentally friendly.
  • Ideal for CCPM on 600 and 700 level heli, steering servo on 1/10th scale Buggy

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Hinta: 69.90 €
Valm. koodi: SC-1257TG
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